Supplier Registration Information

Registration of Bidders and Categories of Business

Kisii University maintains lists of registered suppliers, contractors and consultants in various specific categories of goods, works or services according to its procurement needs. These lists shall be applied on the alternative procurement methods only. Interested bidders are requested to create their company profiles on this platform for registration consideration. Bidders shall be required to state procurement categories of interest. Kisii University allows for continuous application and hence continuous update of the lists and on expiry bidders are expected to seek fresh applications.

Registration Documents

In line with Section 57 (1) & (2) read together with Section 55, the Institution through the Head of Procurement shall maintain an updated list of registered Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants in the categories of goods, works or services in accordance with the Councils needs. To register Suppliers/Contractors shall furnish the council with;

  1. Limited Companies, Partnerships & Sole Proprietors
    • Registration/Incorporation Certificate.
    • CR12 Certificate.
    • Pin Certificate.
    • Tax Compliance Certificate (Subject to verification on (TCC Checker)
    • Valid AGPO Certificate (Where Applicable)
    • Company Profile
    • List of Current /Former Clients (Give Contact Person for each Client Listed)
    • A completed Kisii University confidential business questionnaire
  2. Individual Consultants
    • Pin Certificate
    • Tax Compliance Certificate.
    • Application Letter for the relevant category plus Resume
    • List of Current /Former Clients (Give Contact Person for each Client Listed)

Bidders with certificates from The National Treasury for Women, Youth and People with Disability shall be required to keep track of the expiry dates of the certificates to prevent disqualifications from procurement proceedings. Kisii University shall endeavor to give equal opportunity to all registered bidders where alternative methods of procurement are applied. This shall be in line with the requirements set out in the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and its subsequent regulations and manuals.

Categories of Business

The Institution maintains the following listed business categories based on its business operations;

    Categories will be updated soon

It shall be important for prospective bidders to indicate the business category of interest during registration for consideration. Prospective bidders are allowed to register for more than one business category.